Wilt Where I Am Planted?

I cannot pretend that I have enjoyed the town I live in.  I got hit in the face with some dark realities of how things are handled here.  I don’t feel safe. I don’t feel my children are safe.  I’m in a place where I cannot depend on man for safety, especially those responsible for and paid for it.

I have to decide daily whether this is where I belong or not.  Whether I made a mistake and didn’t clearly hear and see all of the signs from God that this would be our healing place.  Then I have a moment like I did this morning.  My Hunk of Burnin’ Love sanding down “Sinker Cypress” for counters in my kitchen.  Sinker Cypress as they call it, are Cypress trees that are preserved under water in muddy swamps.  They drag it out, dry it, cut it to specification and dust it off to give an accurate view of its grain and variations of splendor. Every ring and mark tells a story. Not only does this strengthen the wood, it causes it to be even more beautiful when finished.  (Ok, I hear You.)

I looked past the wood being sanded and saw my boys from two different countries knit together by God Himself playing basketball. (You work ALL things together...) I literally felt invited to look further and deeper, so my gaze went left, to my chickens happily cackling.  (My simple joys are important. He gets my chicken thing.) I looked down past the couple of acres of trees that greet me every morning as if to remind me that I too am still standing, my presence has not been reduced by the actions of others.  Though a good wind of opposition has bent me, I did not break.  (The leaves will heal nations..)

I took in the reflection of our tiny lake at the bottom of our property.  It was effortlessly mirroring the images above it, it is the home for so much life.  It doesn’t try, it just is. Completely dependent on a Divine System for its very existence and performance. Oh, what a coincidence #metoo! 

 I belong wherever I am and I can bloom where I am planted if I choose dependence on The Divine System.   Today I choose that.