Education & Empowerment

Education IS empowerment.  Understanding, that the power you have over your body does not stop at the door to a medical exam room ! It  is the first step to helping women have the tools they need to be safe in medical settings .

As such, we are determined to educate women on proper protocol for medical examinations by  doctors and what to do if you feel that protocol has been violated.  Through online training material, we are here to do the following things:

•  Help you understand and clarify your rights as a patients as well as legal, best practices and ethical behavior of doctors in  medical environments where women are vulnerable.

•  Provide information and studies that promotes understanding the “how's” and “why's” of our reactions and responses during and after a sexual assault/violation takes place.  When an assault/violation happens in a setting we have made an appointment for, paid for and found ourselves to be alone with a trusted doctor, it can carry different ramifications than other types of assault/violations . But the damage from being dominated, humiliated and defiled by a medical predator is just as real and deep.  In fact, the doctors professional position can cause increased shame and confusion to the survivor, especially when reporting becomes complicated amidst layers of corporate, hospital, legal and medical licensing politics, plus fears of high-powered legal retaliation. Consequently, we need to educate  women survivors of medical sexual assault and violations of their body on steps to be seen, heard and protected through the use of online information obtained through other women and professional and experienced legal teams.

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