I chose the picture up above in the banner for a reason.  The picture of the backs of my precious family facing the ocean raising their hands to heaven. That was about a 3 hour block of time when my husband and I had the honor of marrying our oldest daughter and now son-in-law this summer as a family, quietly at our sacred place. 

It was the first time in months that I found relief from the memories and post-traumatic stress from the day that everything changed for me. The day my dignity, trust and everything I believed to be true about myself was taken away through the act of a sexual assault where I least expected it.  It happened in a place where I thought that I was safe, in the office of a medical specialist that I was referred to.

I am 47.  I'm a wife, mother/adoptive (special needs), missionary, ministry leader, entrepreneur...blah, blah, blah. (Seriously. Google me if you'd like to know more.)  I have seen a lot but I sure never saw this coming.

Who knew that while working on branding myself for the purposes of my website and business in my brand new home and state, that I would be branded in a way that I never asked for?  A brand I didn't want. 

Salty Lotus is my "counter pose" and I have a lot to say about that. It is the seed containing EVERYTHING to start a "Salty" community.  I am on a journey and it is not a journey for myself alone.  It is a journey about creating a safe sacred space for ALL women.  Like the faceless picture of myself and my daughters above, all colors and creeds, countries and experiences.  We are one. I am with you. And you are with me.  We need one another.

My lifestyle brand was going to be SO glamorous.  We were going to learn about creating multiple streams of income and making kombucha. I was going to show you my chickens and homeschooling and how to look and feel the truth of your 40's and 50's as being the new 20's.  {We will still be doing some of that, so stay tuned.}  But my lifestyle brand has turned into a WHOLE LIFE brand where we are all going to get our lives back from any and everything trying to steal them away.

This is not going to be a nice, dainty little blog.  Hello- it's SALTY, right?  (Read more about our name here.) This is going to be a safe, creative, life-giving space where we choose everyday to live FULLY PRESENT & WHOLLY HEALTHY together.  That's how we change things.  That is where we start.  By showing up and building community that changes atmospheres and shatters paradigms.  Where we share the ways we have found to heal and create permanent change one moment, one choice, one day at a time.