Advocacy & Awareness

Through my experience dealing with the ramifications of my sexual assault during a bogus, under the pretext of a medical exam, I have encountered depths of loneliness and despair.  There is no clear cut trail blazed.  Medical sexual abuse/assault is fairly unknown, not widely discussed and has blurred lines I am bent to clarify. 

We intend to reach out and create a safe place for victims of sexual abuse during improper medical exams, and prevent future victims via direct community contact and online relationships and support.  We intend to work with legal entities to create specific channels to force these medical,male doctors, high paid predators to be punished to the fullest extent of the law.  We will work to shed light on every dark corner where these medical monsters hide and hold all parties accountable as appropriate to do so. 

We will evaluate legal statutes and work with local and state governments to clarify blurred lines and change legislation that potentially puts women in direct danger because the current policies governing male doctors who examine female patients are grossly inadequate and often prejudicial.  We will advocate policy reform until there are clear statutes that address specific abuse and assault settings, such as medical offices.  Somehow medical settings do not seem to have the universal protocols for patient reporting and protection as many other helping professions.  Given the inherent vulnerability and power-imbalance of the doctor or medical provider/patient relationship, we are focusing our initial advocacy efforts to address these issues at systemic, legislative, procedural and cultural and legal levels.

Practically speaking, we are working toward creating a data bank from medical sexual assault survivors willing to share their stories with us in order to identify serial medical predators.  This will allow us to coordinate with the appropriate authorities, as well as to compile evidence of the problem scope and address the inadequacies of hospital administrations and healthcare licensing departments nationwide.  It is high time that female patients be protected from bad medical doctors who repeatedly violate the sanctity of their position and the trust women put in them.



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