Salty Elephants


You don't mess with 40 tons of female badassery.  You just don't. Mama elephants know a thing or two about dealing with potential predators.  When one is giving birth or if the herd is under attack, they all back in until their backs are covered. When a mama and baby are vulnerable, the other mamas stir up dust to cover the newborn and confuse would be attackers. 

This is the sisterhood of survivors.  We cover one another's vulnerabilities.  We protect each other's weaknesses.  We back into formation and say to predators, just try and come through us.  We celebrate eachother's healing one small, huge victory (because hello in this journey there are no small victories) at a time.

Sisters, we are more than survivors. We are not defined by our trauma or imprisoned by our fear.  If it takes one year, two years, 10 years, we will take back our power.  And we are here for you, a sisterhood of survivors.  Join our herd of Salty Elephants and be he'rd.  - Carolyn