Salty Lotus was birthed out of my desire to share insight from my journey into becoming fully present and wholly healthy.  Wholeness in one area alone is still not wholeness.  It is about healing from the inside out and making intentional choices that embrace health of mind, body, spirit, emotions, and relationships. As each area is honored it strengthens the areas around it.

Wholeness comes when I am fully myself, fully embracing the edges of the unknown before me.


SALTY:  I am spicy. I can't help it. The ocean is my hospital and my church. Every parallel in scripture that mentions salt and light, because salt causes us to thirst for more of what we need, as well as to cause thirst for more in the world around us. I am always searching to restore the saltiness where it has lost its taste. Salty is also defined as witty, pungent and earthy.  It pretty much sums up my favorite state of being and favorite kinds of humans.

LOTUS: Well, because it's a bouquet on its own of floral badassery!  Even in seed form all parts of it are fully formed inside in miniature just waiting to come out of the muddy and murky water bottom and BLOOM. And the seeds lose nothing with age. Seeds can still bloom after hundreds of years on a really skinny unsupported stem that can grow many feet to reach the surface.

Lotuses are SURVIVORS. They survive in most all climates and emerges where least expected.  The blossom retreats at night back into itself and rises up again the next morning, unaffected by the conditions, cleansed and resurfacing with the LIGHT, renewed.  The lotus has an internal self-cleaning ability that won't allow dirt or water to permeate or stain it.  Regardless of the conditions surrounding it it won't succumb to anything attempting to destroy it.  It USES the water to carry away the dirt.

Lotus blossoms thrive best in the murkiest, thick dark waters. The lotus purifies, cleanses and beautifies wherever it shows up, even the worst of environments... IT CHANGES ATMOSPHERES.  

This flower gets me.  My journey.  My dreams.  My hopes and all I pray to become.  Not only for myself, but for others. 

I want to invite you to discover with me this #SaltyLotusLife, this brave and amazing journey to becoming fully present and wholly healthy.  Arriving is not found in a destination, but rather in the becoming of the journey, a journey that is far more powerful together.  You aren't alone, no matter how dark and mucky things seem right now.  You have a band of sisters waiting right here to pour courage into your heart as we change the darkest of atmospheres together.  Simply by being and becoming most fully who we are created to be.