This SH*T Ain't Mine! Amen.

Oddly enough...This is where I learned to surrender what was NOT MINE to drag around.

Oddly enough...This is where I learned to surrender what was NOT MINE to drag around.

I literally shudder when someone refers to any disease as theirs, "mine"... NO. I went through a similar process with the predator I am dealing with. This offender, this monster, this human disease, this thief...this sexual deviant. HOW do I refer to this invader of my body, space and life? While the experience occurred and I was there and it involves me, I don't want it (him, ACK) to be "MINE"... He (IT) is not "MY" predator. Our words and thoughts are POWERFUL. If we take something on as "OURS" we had better prepare for the consequences.

I can no longer take ownership of what was perpetrated against me. ACTION, DISEASE...poor state of mind...NONE of it is "MINE" unless I choose to make it so. NOT TOOODAY. Months have been stolen from me, my husband, my family, my friends, my business.  Every day I have to decide what will rule my day. Multiple times a day I face the ravages of PTSD. Most every day I have to pass a billboard with his UGLY FACE, luring unsuspecting women.  Women that are already struggling with their health, TRUSTING that highly paid man with degrees and a desire to help them and NOT take advantage of their vulnerability, their nakedness, their blind trust to access all that is private.  It never crosses their mind that that HUMAN with no accountability, can bounce state to state literally getting off by dominating, defiling and humiliating their victim that is “beneath” them in every sense. These are HUMANS, people!  Humans that have seemed to have found ways to bypass most every law in place to protect us.  I know from experience that EVERY ENTITY in place that I assumed would protect me FAILED. I am from a long line of law enforcement.  Police are good guys, right?  Only until they fear being sued by entities with far more resources than they have for potentially marring the good doctor’s shining reputation.  Because, females are liars and when they make accusations against men that are seen as wealthy... right?  Because women enjoy turning their lives inside out “for money”?  This is a typical story.  ($%!@ THAT!!)


 Please head to RESOURCES on my site and prepare to be sickened.  Most of all prepare to protect yourself and people you love from this all too prevalent yet silent epidemic.  Consider the power behind the biggest sex scandals you have ever heard of.  The establishments, the money to defend them from these accusations.  The victim shaming, the hush money.  The difference for me is that I KNOW the POWER behind me is so much greater.  The Power that daily reminds me that shame is not mine.  The power that reminds me that I have already experienced evidence of these “establishments” on smaller scales.  I am prepared for what NO ONE should have to be prepared for. The establishments have “little p” power.  I have “BIG P” power.  This is what is keeping me pursuing what most would say is a lost cause that cannot be won.  To that I say, ”BULLSH*T!!”  I am worth my own fight and I will fight until  death for the women that cannot and will not fight for themselves.  I am not intimidated by their “little p”.  I was intimidated and stunned into silence ONCE for a couple of hours.  My COUNTER POSE is LOUD and unshakable.  Now it’s his turn to fear me and my “BIG P”.  I am coming for YOU.  If you knew me prior to my visit to your office, prior to my shock and silence and the out of body experience you caused me to have… Meh, I will save all of this for my “OPEN LETTER TO THE MEDICAL SEXUAL PREDATOR”. Stay tuned.

I am working with some amazing nurses to compile what is and IS NOT acceptable during a medical office visit or procedure.  We think we know, but clearly many don’t.  It is well within your rights to demand your doctor follow simple guidelines for your protection and his.  He should already be following them, but there is NOTHING to stop him if he chooses not to, but YOU.  You need to protect yourself and for heaven sake protect your young girls. Teach them now, teach them before they are in clinics while away at college.  In meeting other victims, many didn’t understand they were being molested in the moments.  The depravity of these crimes is so unconscionable, we have been taught not to question the elite in their authority.  We have been taught that that feeling that something isn’t right must be US…mere mortal, know nothing, simpletons. I mean, who are we anyway?  Oh, Doctor Dirties…brace yourselves because you WILL find out.  #youpickedthewronggirls

If you or someone you love has been a victim of medical sexual assault and abuse in the form of an inappropriate medical exam, join our herd of Salty Elephants.  This stampede WILL BE SEEN AND HE'RD. 

Note: Forgiveness is not on my radar currently.  This is OK.  I will use that inability to enable me at this time.  This inability has empowered me to focus my energy and compassion on the other victims of this monster and others and seek out ways to heal myself.  I am harboring hate.  HATE for a system and for establishments that KNOWINGLY allow these things to happen habitually to unsuspecting people in order that they may protect reputations, financial interests of the bigger “beings”. The medical establishment is not the only “system” I have seen this “DISEASE”. I have so much to say on this. This experience was forced on me like a disease.  I own that because I don’t have a choice, but the ongoing symptoms aren’t “MINE”.