SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY...Has Not Been Our Reality.


The hardest part of the last year has been being forced into silence.  When this article was finally released last night I had a whole new onslaught of thoughts and feelings.  At least now I won't be as consumed everywhere I go wondering if the sweet woman in front of me at Publix will be next. That is how I have had to look at people since. Every woman I passed became someone I had to fear for. The entry to his office was like a burning building that I had to allow these precious defenseless souls go into. I wanted so badly to gather the others and throw ourselves in front of the door. Picket, yell... DEMAND ACTION.  I have been consumed with the inability to protect the women in my community. There is nothing more against my nature. It has been almost equal to the helplessness of the assault itself.  At least his name is out there for people to make INFORMED decisions about their care.  Spreading the article is imperative. I am hearing another will come out tomorrow. May they continue to be kind and sensitive to the "alleged" victims.  May there be MORE QUESTIONS as to how and why things like this happen and are allowed to continue.  May everyone that allowed it to happen and to continue be forced to answer the hard questions.  Trust me, none will be harder than the questions we, the recipients of such filth have asked ourselves daily.  

  I am convinced there are many more of us.  Silenced by guilt, fear and shame.  COME OUT.  Please contact me.  You have a bunch of "Salty" sisters waiting for you. You aren't alone.  You will never be alone again.  I have prayed for you and we are here for you.  Make sure you read about why we call ourselves "Salty Elephants".  We don't take our rolls lightly.  We are pulling this circle in tight.  We are FINALLY making the noise we have wanted to since day one. It wasn't for lack of wanting to and trying with all of my power and might.  This silence has been devastating and damaging.

I am sure you can guess the most disturbing parts of this article.  The nonsensical reality we are forced to live in.  I mean, it's ONLY FIVE women with separate allegations, of course he should still be allowed to work and have his face and phone number advertised on the hospitals animated sign off of Ferdon.  Victimizing victims again and again.  Protecting alleged predators.  SO. MESSED. UP.   I have to stop myself here. 



There are too many things that infuriate me to mention. ALL obvious things that people have no idea about until it happens to them or someone they love. Don't even get me started about the excuses and low expectations of small town southern living.  The one I fled the north for, so willingly for a "better" life for my children and family.  It's time to face how warped things actually are.  It's time for radical change and putting the honor, dignity and safety of our citizens FIRST.  Like, preventing the PREVENTABLE.  How novel.

TODAY, I will be grateful that the truth has come out. Partially.